The price of Locke Studies is £32, or US $64, or €54. The journal may be obtained through agents or directly from the Editor, as a single volume or on regular subscription. Vol. 1 (2001) and the subsequent volumes are still available (at this price).

Individuals may obtain Locke Studies at a concessionary rate directly from the Editor, by sending a payment of £16, or US $32, or €27 per volume to:

Dr. T. Stanton
Editor, Locke Studies
Department of Politics
University of York
YO10 5DD
United Kingdom

Prices include postage by surface mail (airmail to Europe). Elsewhere, airmail delivery is £4 or $8 extra. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Locke Studies’.

The Locke Newsletter (1970–2002)

No. 31 (2000), 264 pp., including a complete index to the previous thirty years (69 pp.), is available on the same terms as Locke Studies (see above).

Previous issues of The Locke Newsletter can be obtained either through agents or directly from the Founding Editor, Roland Hall, at the former price of £17, or $34, or €30, which includes postage. (The concessionary rate for individuals, buying directly from the Founding Editor, is £9.50, or $19, or €17.50.) Nos. 1–30 (1970–99) are all available, though some early issues (usually nos. 1–8 and 16) can only be supplied in the form of xeroxed sheets. The contents of nos. 1–25 can be seen from the triple index in no. 25 (1994), or on the Previous Issues page. His address is:

The Glade
YO19 6JH

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Roland Hall (Locke Studies)’.