Useful Resources

  • The John Locke bibliography, list of manuscripts, and chronology, compiled by John Attig of Penn State University.
  • The database for Locke’s medical reading and medical books described in Medical History, 42 (1997), 473B86, by the late Professor G. G. Meynell.
  • The Digital Locke Project of Locke’s manuscripts, directed by Dr Paul Schuurman.
  • The inaugural Balzan-Skinner Lecture, ‘The Normativity of Nature in Early Modern Thought’, delivered on 10 September 2010 at the University of Cambridge by Dr Hannah Dawson.
  • The third Balzan-Skinner Lecture, ‘John Locke and the Fable of Liberalism’, delivered on 5 October 2012 at the University of Cambridge by Dr Timothy Stanton, introduced by Dr Mark Goldie and Professor John Dunn.